Be a head turner. You know that outfit that you have that makes you feel amazing. Everyone smiles at you when you put it on. That’s a good start for your photo shoot. Wear something that makes you want to smile. If you have more than one outfit like that, then gravitate towards the color of your eyes.

Don’t over-match. There might be a perfectionist lurking inside you (or someone you love) that insists on everyone in your family wearing khaki pants and a black shirt. Or blue jeans and a white shirt. You get the idea. Some people adore this look. Personally, I think it’s overdone and it always leaves someone looking dowdy. The only reason why everyone should be wearing the exact same thing is if there’s a wedding.

Dress for the same party. You don’t want to have one person wearing a t-shirt, while someone else is wearing a cute dress. Everyone in the photo should be dressed on the same level. Either all casual or all dressed up.

Consider the destination. On a similar note, you should dress appropriately for the picture’s intended purpose. If you’re getting head shots done for your business, then wear a business suit. If you only use black frames in your living room, then incorporate black into your outfits so that the finished results look professional.

Don’t overdo busy patterns. In small doses, busy patterns can spice up a photo (like the one below). You have to be careful though when you incorporate patterns. Keep in mind that fashion changes with every season, so you don’t want your outfits to look dated in six months. As long as you balance out patterns with solids, you’ll be fine. Just think of your family’s clothing as an ensemble.

* If you wear glasses, please ask your optometrist to loan you a pair of frames without lenses for your portraits. This will eliminate the glare, distortion, and darkness caused by some lenses.
* Coordinate your footwear with your outfits, as some of your outdoor poses will show your shoes and socks.
* Considering bringing something that is really “you" for the fun shots. Examples: anything from matching cowboy boots to a shirt or souvenir from your first trip together.
* Props that are important to both of you can be fun too. Examples include hats, uniforms, or other sports equipment, musical instruments, sunglasses, a family pet, a favorite car, etc.